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Driving Range im Sonnenuntergang mit fünf Blocks Workspaces

How it all began

We love golf. Like many younger golf enthusiasts, we don't get to play as much as we'd like. The golf course is too far from the office for a quick lunch break and we are busy with the children on the weekend. We tried to work on the golf course and have the last meetings of the day there or while traveling... a really cool idea, but most courses don't have the appropriate work enviroments... so we decided to fix that.


Our vision


We want a working world in which healthy work is possible for everyone - to achieve this we create new, sustainable places.


We think the concept ofSpace in a new way and put people and their individual needs at the center. At the same time, we take responsibility for our environment and want to show that resource-saving, modular construction is the future of the industry.


Daniel & Carolina



Building blocks become BLOCKS

“There was this one moment when everything came together like a puzzle - but for me it wasn't puzzle pieces, but building blocks:

I played with my boys and we built colorful, tall towers and forts. We pushed the stones back and forth, placed them on top of each other and new shapes kept emerging. They could be combined as desired, were stable and yet they could be torn down again in seconds and stacked somewhere else. Flexible, agile, sustainable – that’s exactly how places should be. The BLOCKS stood in front of me. Still a bit small and colorful – but now I knew how to do it.”

Carolina Hinrichsen

Founder & CEO

We live New Work

For us it means living corporate culture - we are aware of what this process means and what it entails. Together with our employees, manufacturers and partners, we continue to develop products and solutions and rethink the concept from the perspective of those who actually use these places.


We share our experiences, our know-how and pass it on. We see this as our contribution to the change in the future working world. So if you want to find out more about New Work, you've come to the right place: whether in our podcast, on our blog, at events or in mastermind groups.


We provide inspiration and seek exchanges with those who are concerned with the topic of the workplace of the future and what it will require. Together we want to think further, develop ideas, gather inspiration and find new ways.


Together we rethink work.


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