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BLOCKS – rethinking places

We create new places where they are really needed.

What we do 

We conceive, design and market modular structures for indoors and outdoors - our BLOCKS. This is how we create healthy and sustainable places where they are really needed. Whether in the office, at events, in the middle of nature or in urban areas - from future working environments to innovative retreat rooms to complete accommodation. 


In doing so, we focus on people and their individual needs - and we do this constantly. This is how we meet the desire for more flexibility, self-determination and freedom for the places where we spend most of our time. The change begins in the mind and becomes visible in space. 


Together we rethink places.


How we do this

Very important: First of all, we listen carefully. 

Together we will find out what you need. This is how places are created for people - this is how you get the BLOCK that suits you. 


Only then does the detailed planning and implementation begin. 


Buy, rent, lease - we are very flexible. Our sustainable, modular BLOCKS are created with our interior designers and partners – quickly and efficiently. We build them in different sizes, combinations, materials and models - if desired also with interior design and individual branding. With experienced architectural offices and building law specialists, we solve issues such as soil tests, certificates and building permits.

nachhaltige Raumlösung


Our BLOCKS as a podcast studio, retreat, workspace, meeting room, exhibitor area,

PR location, café, lounge...

Whether for congresses, trade fairs, events or special occasions. 

You say what you need – we will find the right model.

Podcastkabine Block Rückzugsort auf dem Grenntech Festival in Berlin
Interior Design, Workplace vom modularen BLOCK auf dem Golfplatz


Our BLOCKS are available in different sizes and
models. They can configure themselves and create their own place. Of course we will help you with that. Whether for your company, as a new event location, as a workspace, for hospitality... many room ideas can be realized with our BLOCKS.
And that sustainable, modular and without long construction sites.

Ab Januar 2024
IMG_8412 2_edited.jpg


Exklusive Winter-Events direkt an der Driving Range

Visit BLOCK  

Come to our showroom. Take a close look at our BLOCK and be inspired how space can be rethought.

We will show you what possibilities there are in modular construction and what our BLOCKS can do.

We look forward to seeing you.

Modularer BLOCK mitten in der Natur, Showroom BLOCKS

Podcasts by BLOCKS

Advice, conception, professional technical equipment and of course the mobile recording studio where you need it.

Why we do it 

We want to make our contribution to setting an example for healthy work and to create places for it. At the same time, it is important to us to take responsibility for our environment and to establish resource-saving modular construction as the standard. And last but not least, we want to rethink the concept of space and focus on people and their individual needs. 


Smart Country Convention

hub27 Berlin 07.- 09.11.2023

What is your added value

With BLOCKS you gain sustainable space.Whether inside or outside - together we create special retreats for you: from meeting rooms to completely self-sufficient living environments.

BLOCKS adapt to the individual use - also from the branding or the interior design. They can be completely dismantled, are made of sustainable materials, can be used flexibly and can thus be redefined as places again and again. You decide what kind of BLOCK you need and what for - and we do the rest.



Sustainable building systems for outdoors and indoors: They work on their own, but can also be combined and expanded as desired. The BLOCKS can be completely self-sufficiently powered by photovoltaic systems on the roof.


Our smallest BLOCK for outdoors is modular architecture on just under 6 square meters. It is made in a lightweight construction from durable materials, which are also individually replaceable and recyclable. Built on pressure foundations or on specially designed greens, it has the great advantage that soil sealing is not necessary and it only interferes minimally with the environment. That means no long construction site, but quickly ready for use and 100% dismantling.


We offer many sizes to create special places: from two-storey XL models to the BIRDIE phone box with a pitched roof.


ew Work und Tiny Office

New in programm

Phonebox Birdy

Space miracle on wheels, in six different colors, including furniture and branding - perfect for the office or as a retreat for events.


Configure your own BLOCK. Whether in the middle in nature or in an urban environment. From pop-up store, event location to work suite.


Interior Design

For the interior design, we have dealt intensively with the people who will be staying in our BLOCKS in the future. Who are you, what do you like? The result is three design lines: POP, URBAN and ORGANIC. We use flexible furniture for the various types of use. The interiors can be redesigned quickly and easily using pegboards and clever storage systems. We have developed some of the furniture ourselves and have it made exclusively for our BLOCKS.

Workplace mit Pegboard, höhenverstellbarer Tisch und Brunner Konferenzstuhl

Workplace Eagle

We put a lot of heart and creativity into our furniture. And we are particularly proud of our sit-stand table - made in Berlin. It is not only electrically height-adjustable, but also made entirely of sustainable materials. With wireless mobile phone charging station, a pleasant, scratch-resistant coating and table lamp with touch function. And because we know how difficult it is to find a good desk, you can buy it directly from us. 

Michael Wagner, Managing Partner formfoundation GmbH

"BLOCKS is perfect for anyone who wants to create sustainable healthy places."


We need a rethinking together: This is the only way to create places with added value for the people who use them. And in natural harmony with their surroundings. 


Podcasthost Carolina Hinrichsen auf der Golfanlage Golf und Spa Resort Weimarer Land


Coffee is ready, let's go - New Work, Sport & Sustainable Building


We are here for you

Do you have any questions or would you like to get startet straight away?


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