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Rethinking Places

We create podcast studios & meeting spaces where they are needed.

What we do 

We create sustainable places where they are really needed: at events, in the middle of nature or in urban areas. With our studios, the Creator Lounge and the Nature Studio, from mobile podcast studios to workspaces and innovative retreats. We support event organizers and companies on the topic of community building and podcasting at events.


We focus on people and their individual needs - and we do this again and again. This is how we respond to the desire for more flexibility, self-determination and freedom in the places where we spend most of our time. The change begins in the mind and becomes visible in digital and physical space.


Together we rethink places.


Podcast Lounge Event Podcasting

How we do this

We first listen carefully.

Together we will find out what you need. This is how places are created for people - so you get exactly what you and your community need - from Meeting Pod to a podcast lounge, to your own company podcast .


In the next step detailed planning and implementation begins.


You rent and remain flexible. Our acoustic boxes are available in various sizes, combinations, materials and models - if desired, also with interior design and individual branding.

nachhaltige Raumlösung

Podcasts by GOLFBLOCKS

Advice, conception, professional technical equipment and of course the mobile recording studio where you need it.

Creator Lounge - Podcast Studio in Berlin Wilmersort für Creator, Podcaster und Vlogger


Come to our podcast and VCast studio in Güntzelkiez in the heart of Berlin. Experience the best studio and recording technology live and use the space for your own content creation.

We'll show you what possibilities there are in podcasting and what you can achieve in terms of branding and sales with your own company podcast.


Come to our event location at the Golfclub Prenden. Take a close look at our BLOCK,

Be inspired and experience live how space can be rethought.

We'll show you what possibilities there are in modular construction and what our BLOCKS can do.

We look forward to seeing you.

Marta Lusawa Clubmaagerin des Golfclub Prenden im Golfblocks Podcast Studio direkt an der Driving Range
Podcastkabine Block Rückzugsort auf dem Grenntech Festival in Berlin


Rent our BLOCKS as a podcast studio, retreat, workspace, meeting room, exhibitor space,

PR location, café, lounge...

Whether for congresses , trade fairs, events or special occasions.

You say what you need – we will find the right model.

What is your added value

With BLOCKS you gain sustainable space. Together we create special retreats for you.

BLOCKS adapt to individual use – including branding or interior design. They are completely dismantled, made of sustainable materials, can be used flexibly and can therefore be redefined as places again and again. You decide what kind of BLOCK you need and why – and we do the rest.


Smart Country Convention

hub27/ Messe Berlin

Why we do it 

We want to make our contribution to setting an example for healthy work and to create places for it. At the same time, it is important to us to take responsibility for our environment and to establish resource-saving modular construction as the standard. And last but not least, we want to rethink the concept of space and focus on people and their individual needs. 


Daniel, Co-Founder von Golfblocks im Nature Studio


Carolina, Founder von Golfblocks im Nature Studio


We need a rethinking together: This is the only way to create places with added value for the people who use them. And in natural harmony with their surroundings. 


Podcasthost Carolina Hinrichsen auf der Golfanlage Golf und Spa Resort Weimarer Land


Coffee is ready, let’s go –
New Work, facets of sustainability and golf business 

Unsere eigene Podcastshow


We are here for you

Do you have any questions or would you like to get startet straight away?


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