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Podcasts by BLOCKS

Consulting, conception, professional technical equipment and of course the mobile recording studio where you need it.

Podcasts by BLOCKS 

We are at home in the podcast world. We know exactly what it takes and what is important in a corporate podcast. As hosts of our own company podcast and experienced marketers, we are familiar with conception, storytelling, technology and the conditions for an optimal listening experience. Together we will find out what you are still missing in order to start your podcast. 


Podcast Studio

The right location makes the difference. Not just for acoustics. Recordings in the middle of nature in a mobile studio, at a special location or at an event have a good energy - and you can hear it.


Podcast Production

Good content attracts the right listeners and allows a good community to grow. Quality counts, not quantity. From the conception to the finished episode, we support you with your topics.


Podcast Host

You have a finished concept for your company podcast. The only thing you're missing now is moderation, i.e. a host?

We are happy to give your content the right voice. 

Podcasthost Carolina Hinrichsen auf dem Golfplatz

"For us, a podcast is much more than just a content channel; it is an important part of building a sustainable community, employer branding and a wonderful way to share knowledge and experiences so that our listeners can gain inspiration for themselves and their own company can take with you."

Carolina Hinrichsen
Founder, CEO & Podcaster @BLOCK

Logo Podcast Zuhause Bei Golfblocks

Our own show
Coffee is ready, let's go: We talk about New Work, sustainability, change and golf topics beyond HCP and 18 holes.

Topics that are important for our work and our vision. We are looking for an exchange with experts, other founders, creative people and exciting personalities in order to answer important questions: How and where do we want to work in the future? What issues do we want to address in our respective industries? What role does sustainability play for us here? We'll be really happy if you tune in.

Have fun listening!

Show notes for the current episode...

“Authenticity is the keyword”


In this podcast episode, Carolina talks to Adina Krausz, founder of InnoSource Ventures and board member at Toledo Capital, about female leadership, self-leadership and balancing family and job. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Adina is committed to bridging the gap between the corporate world and the dynamic Israeli startup ecosystem to promote innovation and mutual growth. As a family man and full-blooded entrepreneur, her authenticity is what sets her apart and makes her a role model.

Adina Krausz, Ceo von Innosource Ventures zu Gast im Podcast Zuhause Bei Golfblocks

Adina shares her views on good leadership and highlights the importance of transparency, honesty, positive feedback and equal treatment. Leadership means not only giving instructions, but also taking active action yourself.

She speaks out against generalizations in the discussion about female and male leadership. "Women don't have to stand by their husbands." Adina simply advocates mixed teams in which everyone can develop individually.


Self and constantly – how do you find balance here?

Adina has also developed her strategies for this and relies on personal training, yoga, traveling and riding to balance her career. And at work she emphasizes the importance of clear priorities, discipline and the conscious selection of to-dos: “Money making activities first”.

When it comes to tools, she gives her team the choice and, above all, relies on clear, binding communication. She doesn't believe in absolute full automation, but she always remains open.

Adina radiates satisfaction and this is also confirmed by her final answer to the question of what she plans to do next:

"I've actually arrived." To her, that doesn’t mean she’s done – you never are. She lives the motto:

"Every day brings something new."


We would like to thank you for this inspiring episode full of ideas for the balancing act between career and family and wish you a lot of fun.

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