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Blocks in Berglandschaft, Seecamp




Sustainable building systems for outside and inside: They work alone, but can also be combined and expanded as desired. The BLOCKS can be supplied with electricity completely independently using photovoltaic systems on the roof.


Our smallest BLOCK for outside is modular architecture on just under 6 square meters. It is made of lightweight construction from durable materials that are also individually replaceable and recyclable. Built on pressure foundations or on specially designed greens, it has the great advantage that soil sealing is not necessary and it only intervenes in a minimally invasive manner in the surrounding area. This means no long construction site, but ready for use quickly and 100% dismantled.


We offer different sizes and different manufacturers to create special places: from two-story XL models to the Phonebox Birdy with a pitched roof.

New Work und Tiny Office

Outdoor Block als mit Lounge im Interio Design, Meetingraum, Rückzugsort

So versatile: our BLOCKS for indoor & outdoor

This modular design has it all. Modular construction comes in different sizes, materials and colors. What is special is that we select models that can be used indoors and outdoors. BLOCKS are 100% degradable and only intervene in their surroundings in a micro-invasive way.

New in programm

Phonebox Birdy

Space miracle on wheels, in six different colors, including furniture and branding - perfect for the office or as a retreat for events.

Space miracle in use

Blocks als Kiosk Cafe im Aussenbereich von einem Shoppingcenter in der Innenstadt

Our models

Use our BLOCKS as a telephone booth, podcast studio, retreat, workspace, meeting room, exhibitor area, pop-up store, PR location, café, lounge, office, clubhouse, campus, resort and much more. m. – You say what you need and together we will find the right model.

Indoor room within room

Outdoor lightweight modules

Container architecture

Cabins & Tiny Houses

Block XL Indoor Akkustikbox mit Meetingräumen


We make it suitable and are as flexible as your project needs it. Together with Deutsche Leasing and Targobank, we realize your BLOCK.

Interior Design & Branding

Our Architects, interior designers and our interior fitters design rooms that are optimally suited to their areas of application. From coworking space to overnight miracles. In doing so, we connect the needs of the people who use the rooms with the respective brand. 

When selecting manufacturers and materials, we attach great importance to sustainability and thus create an additional advantage in the case of desired certifications.

We are here for you

Do you have any questions or would you like to start a project directly?


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